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Change Is An Inside Job


MEET MEA Physician, Life Coach & NLP Master Practitioner


As a Master Practitioner of Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP), I use my knowledge and skills to coach you and help you achieve your goals. NLP’s methodology examines the relationships between language, behavior, and thought patterns, and how they can be used to achieve specific outcomes.

  • Understand your goals and objectives.
  • Release negative emotions and limiting beliefs through NLP, MER®, and hypnotherapy.
  • Establish a plan, break down steps, identify obstacles, and overcome them.
  • Develop thought and behavior patterns to support goal achievement, reframe negative self-talk, develop new habits, and practice visualization techniques.

For over a decade, Dr. Wahida has used Mental Emotional Release® Therapy (MER®), a unique therapeutic approach rooted in Neuro-Linguisatic Programming (NLP), to assist people in unlocking their full potential. MER® therapy targets unresolved emotional issues and negative thought patterns that may be causing psychological distress. This approach is tailored to the individual, recognizing that everyone has distinct needs and requires a customized program to achieve their functional and personal goals. This individualized approach results in optimal outcomes. 

  • You can learn to be more present in your life.
  • Experience greater peace, happiness, and overall well-being.

Dr. Wahida

Life Coach and Master Practitioner of Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP)

Dr. Wahida is an amazing coach and takes the time to respond thoughtfully to your needs. I appreciate her so much.
Ghesal R.
Amazing kind hearted person. Really cares about who the client is and what their lifestyle is and how to improve it.
Mariam R.
Dr. Wahida has a special way of telling a story that draws you in and connects with you on a level that is raw and unfiltered.
Mariam A.

IT'S TIME TO TAKE A STEP TOWARD THE LIFE YOU WANTBuilding A Relationship With Yourself

Everyone has a voice inside their head that guides their decisions. This voice may be obvious or completely subconscious. But if you’re engaging in any sort of negative emotions or limiting beliefs, you can bet it’s getting in the way of your life. The first step to battling this beast is recognizing it. Once you recognize these negative emotions or limiting beliefs, you can begin to rewrite the script.

Individual coaching
Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP)
Mental and Emotional Release® Therapy (MER®)

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Do You Recognize This Scenario?

»  Time always seems to slip away... There’s a constant stream of tasks, leaving many undone.
»   Feeling overwhelmed is familiar… Your mind fixates on your never-ending to-do list instead of focusing on the present task.
»   Balancing life feels like a distant dream... Your professional success might be thriving, but it’s taking a toll on your health or relationships.
»   Life might be satisfactory... Yet, there’s a nagging feeling that something more, something different, awaits.
»   Living with purpose seems elusive... You yearn for deeper engagement, a sense of vitality, a chance to make a meaningful impact.
»   Stagnation sets in… Despite harboring dreams and desires for years, they remain unfulfilled, leaving you unsure of how to proceed.
Whatever your current situation, armed with the right knowledge, tools, and support network, achieving fulfillment is within reach – starting NOW.